Innokin Cool Fire IV TC100 Kit Review

Innokin equips the new Cool Fire IV series with its new Aethon Chipset, which the company calls its most efficient and fastest burning. From the moment I click it until I get my first great-tasting pull, it takes a mere 0.2 seconds. Better still, its uniform coil heating element provides an even burn throughout, which gets rid of hot spots that cause shoddy performance in lesser vape products.

Controlled Temp PreBoost

The Cool Fire IV comes with Innokin Technology’s advanced Temperature Control PreBoost system, which lets me adjust the preheating of the ignition element from 25 watts to 100 watts output. A lower setting enables me to slow the burn down a bit on ignition, while the maximum setting ensures the fastest and hottest burn in the shortest time. That means I can ensure I get the best burn rate every time and get the best flavor.

No More Dry Hits

Early vape products could prove more frustrating than fulfilling when trying to get a long, smooth pull, but all you’d really get was a dry hit from time to time. 

Innokin eliminates that problem with its Total Temperature Control and Dry Hit Prevention provided by the highly advanced Aethon Chipset. The evenly controlled burn ensures every molecule of my favorite vape juice is burned at precisely the correct temperature for the best burn rate and maximum flavor.

Silent Operation

Another great feature Innokin wisely includes is the ClearWave noise cancellation feature, which makes the vape experience more private and less intrusive in public areas. I don’t like to feel like I’m sneaking around when I enjoy my favorite vape juice products. Innokin’s new Cool Fire IV eliminates the need to wrap my hand around the apparatus or to look for secluded locations so that I can enjoy my favorite vape flavors. Now I can do so when and where I choose, without drawing unwanted attention.

Standby Power Feature

It’s very frustrating to take a pull and wind up with nothing, because the batteries are too low. Innokin helps me avoid that problem with its ultralow standby power consumption feature, which slows down the battery drain rate to nearly nothing when not in use. This wonderful feature ensures the Cool Fire IV has the battery power I need to ensure a great burn and enjoyable vape experience. That’s what I want from my favorite vape products, and the new Cool Fire IV really delivers. 

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